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June 02, 2010


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A priceless moment that I can so easily imagine, one reason is my remembers and the other one is that you share it with such a telented writting manner!
Thanks so much for giving me those feelings that I can compare (just my opinion) to those given by reading the stories of "unexpected earth".
Please write a book one day, live your dream sooner or later but live it!
sweet kisses :)

Alicia l'Américaine

Aw. That comment makes me especially happy as I adore Jhumpa Lahiri... but you know that. ;)


Did you write this? It's really well written. Great extensive use of vocabulary. I think you should write a book someday. I would definitely read it

Alicia l'Américaine

Thanks for commenting Jpcraan! I'd love to write a book. :) Getting published is one of my long-term goals in life, but I've still got quite a bit to learn...


I just read this. Thank you through tears. I lived every second on the bench with you and G'mom through your writing this. You captured every gesture, you see my mom through love and through truth, which you have it seems from the first day she came with G'dad to see you in the hospital at two days old.
Your birth created a new bond betwee me and my mom in my heart, mother to mother. You were the perfect fifth when me and daddy, and G'mom and G'dad were together -- joy.
You were the Easter egg, the rebirth of our family.

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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