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May 03, 2010


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Oh god, I can't wait to see what you quote from ME from last summer! :P (also, re - previous entry about sleeping in your bed: Your bed IS really comfortable.)

Alicia l'Américaine

Psh! Hell yea it is! :) Organic latex mattress from European Sleepworks say what?!


As your mom, who got to sleep in the luxurious bed while you slept on your couch a week, which prompted your tactfully innocent look and questions such as, "So, Mom, what's your plan?" (versus "Mom! When are you going to LEAVE?!" :) -- I too think your bed is very comfortable. But the truth is that I can never think of that bed now without sadness, after reading the contrasts you wrote of, in another post, between your life and Rajiv's life as a soldier in Afghanistan. When you wrote of how you wake up to an alarm clock, whereas he wakes up to gunfire, you sleep on an organic mattress, while he sleeps in a war zone, you worry about latte or mocha, he worries about the choices he makes could mean his men dying... in any bed, I think of him when I toss and turn at night...

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