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February 18, 2010


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Nice to see you publicly acknowledging and at the same time both celebrating and managing your aggression


I think his name was Dr. Bunai?! He adored you ;) He said avoiding milk would cure anything. I feel badly now because so much soy milk was maybe not good for you at that age, given all the new findings of detrimental effects of very large amounts of GMO soy for toddlers. You made me laugh and laugh at your humorous reinterpretations of his (and mine too!) milk obsessiveness. You are the reason, the love, and the Memories ;) Always!, moomy p.s. Scarred by the cereal and apple juice?! What about the pasta in Perrier ;) ha hee ;)

Alicia l'Américaine

@Dean Thanks :) I try... slow oatmeal decorators rank right up there in my pet peeves, alongside chip munchers in quiet libraries and bad-breathed neighbors on airplanes. We'll see what will finally be the last straw.

@Moomy Pasta cooked in Perrier is definitely a very, very close second... (cc: Dad).


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