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October 01, 2009


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Jamie Croft

That looked like crazy fun.
I think im going use that line about the "smooth skin".


Not sure if the line was classic or the look on your face!

Thanks for sharing!

Alicia l'Américaine

@Jamie Thanks for watching! It was, indeed, incredibly fun... loved doing it so much, in fact, that I wouldn't mind making monthly episodes!

Do me a favor though, and don't use the skin line. ;)

Michael Keller

reminds me of the dudes that wanted to rent our house. oh no wait, the ones that did rent out house. shit.


This is so funny Alicia!
Looking forward to see next episode. ;)


You have nothing to do with an American Man, Only si et seulement si il parle au moins 4 langues etrangeres et a fait 1 tour du monde en sac a dos!!!
Hasta pronto on seesmic.
You can do much better than that....
Good luck in your Quest

Isaline Alhy

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