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December 14, 2008


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Hi Alica,

Great video - best one to come out of Le Web so far :)

I hope 2009 is a great year for you!


see you next year! great video!


yep - best le web video so far ;)


Hello Alicia, Super vidéo !


As one who has left the marble-lined, business suited corridors of power in DC to launch a life of t-shirt-clad technologist in Washington I can say that it is indeed possible to live that life around here, just not as easy as elsewhere where the economic and even social attitudes are such that entrepreneurs are supported and encouraged. The strong pull of the 'normal life' - so powerful in the recession proof government and 'friends of government' industries around the Beltway is a constant threat that can take you away from trying something 'risky' (socially, financially, emotionally). Following a different path from the one taken by so many inside the Beltway is far more difficult here than for the masses of Silicon Valley.

The key is the passion you feel for what you are doing, and in the post-collegiate life this is one of your strongest assets you bring to any career you pursue. Can you take the risk and take a chance, going up against a few obstacles and setbacks that are bound to come and the feelings of failure that might follow? Can you find something in DC that you can throw your heart into and make work? (it is possible by the way...)

My advice, after going from fine dinners with lobbyists to Cup-o-Noodles in a low rent Georgetown basement I shared with multi-legged guests on the insect world? Don't waste your passion on Clarendon and fashion. Take the jump and follow your heart.

Good luck with your decision.


comment vas tu ?
ça a l'air d'être pas mal .
joyeux noel chez nous en tout cas !


Sylvain Grand'Maison

The question is always always: "what should I do?" May that be for your future or for that metaphor on love, where something new makes you question everything.

Making decisions is not an easy task when that decision is likely to strongly influence the course of your life. I guess it will not help but someone once told me :"It's easier to live with consequeces that regrets".

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